Seo Strategy For New Website

There are loads of books and websites attempting to sell you on an effective SEO strategy for new website, that are trying to answer a simple question- what is SEO? It is a vast subject and things keep changing constantly because search engines twist their algorithms, new SEO tips come in existence, there are new software’s that claim to be the best SEO software and upgrades in small business SEO all the time.

1) Keyword Research is the first part of any SEO strategy for new website

Think about the conversion goals. Mull over the right and apt keywords and key phrases that you think visitors will search for on your site. To see the key phrases that contribute the maximum in goal conversions, try and make use of tools like Google Analytics.

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Keep away from the 1-word or even 2-word key phrases as they will have a zillion viable sites shown as search results. As an alternative, make use of tools like SECockpit and Adwords for keyword suggestion and find applicable niche key phrases that have low competition and a high search volume.

2) Write unique and relevant content

This is perhaps the most essential SEO strategy of all times. If your site contains unique / non-duplicate, useful, and readable content, the search engines are likely to grade your page higher and you can reduce your bounce rates. Another benefit for writing good quality content is that it will encourage additional sites in linking to your pages, in by doing so it mounts search engine ranks for your site.

It is recommended that you upgrade content as visitors prefer up-to-date feeds and will thereby visit your website more often and will increase traffic to your page.

3) Be wise while using your keywords

Once you’ve chalked out the list of key phrases, organize them prudently all through your website pages. Pay attention that you must use the keywords in the subsequent text blocks:

  • Title tag
  • H1 as well as h2 headings on the page
  • Link text
  • Page URL
  • Image alt text
  • Italicizes and Bold text

Your keywords should have a rational density and prominence. Try and use text instead of images wherever possible on the page. If you have got to have an image, kindly be sure that it’s got keyword-rich alt text.

4) Get authority site backlinks to boost your SEO Strategy

Sites that are linked to other sites, especially respectable sites, are generally ranked highest by majority search engines.

Randomly getting linked with a dozen shared link pages won’t do much for your ranking. What you need to do is target good quality, relevant directories and sites that have useful information and also rank higher on search engines, and then try getting a link from them. This is a crucial SEO strategy- one that you must pay constant attention to.

Receiving links from the high-quality websites could be challenging. Here are a few SEO tips:

  • Writing first-class content
  • Add “link to this page” utility on every page of your website
  • Strike up friendships with site owners.

5) Scrutinize your website

It is a crucial SEO strategy to keep checking if the efforts you are putting in are pouring any results. In order to remain up-to-date use the free analysis tools, such as:

  • Site Explorer (Yahoo!)
  • Webmaster Tools (Google)
  • Google Analytics

6) Keep alongside the most up-to-date SEO news

Bookmark or subscribe to the following SEO sites to stay updated with the latest trends:

  • Sphinn
  • SEO Book
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Chat

Once you get these basics right you can advance your SEO strategy by using the best SEO software, to automate the off-page SEO elements which can be time consuming!